Management and Development Team

NLign Analytics brings together some of the most talented engineers and software designers in the business. Here’s an overview of key members of the team.

Thomas D. Sharp, Ph.D.

An innovative electrical engineer and software developer, Tom Sharp has led the development of breakthrough technologies in aerospace, manufacturing, medicine, and telecommunications.

Prior to founding his own company, Tom served as a design engineer at Random Corporation, where he developed a power supply that allowed field service personnel to work full shifts without stopping to recharge equipment. He also designed a multiprocessing system that became an integral part of the company’s engineering workflow.

Following his promotion to Senior Engineer in Random’s Diagnostic Division, Tom’s team led the research and development for a QuickRead instrument that enables large blood banks to quickly screen hundreds of thousands of blood samples for multiple pathogens, including HIV and hepatitis, improving the quality of the blood supply and getting donated blood into use faster. Tom also served in Random Corporation’s Telecommunications Division, where he was the principal designer for automated data collection and archiving systems.

Tom first became interested in aircraft engineering while serving a one-year term as a visiting scientist at the Air Force Research Laboratory, where he first developed technologies to improve the manufacture of carbon composite aircraft structures.

After receiving his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati in 1996, Tom co-founded Etegent Technologies Ltd. with Dr. Stuart Shelley. The company’s early work included R&D for the US Navy, the US Air Force, and software development for research conducted on the International Space Station. As the company’s innovations in carbon composite NDI and MRO generated increasing demand, Tom took the helm of NLign Analytics when it was established as an independent division in 2009.

In his spare time, Tom enjoys scuba diving, playing and coaching soccer, and mountain biking.

Gary Coyan

As Director of Operations for NLign, Gary wears many hats. His primary role is to manage customer relationships and develop computer applications in response to their challenges. He holds an MBA from Xavier University.

With more than two decades of IT development experience, Gary has managed the creation, integration, and support of high-security data systems for aerospace, financial, and US Military organizations. Throughout his career he has worked for the Federal Reserve Bank in Cleveland, US Bancorp, and Fidelity Investments. As a consultant he also led the migration of key applications during Fifth Third Bank’s divestiture of its electronic payment processing center.

In the community, Gary has served on the board of the Mariemont High School Booster association, as a coach for the Mariemont Junior High School Women’s Lacrosse team, and as a Merit Badge Counselor for the Boy Scouts of America.

Joe Kesler

Ask for a demonstration of NLign software and Joe Kesler is one of the first people you’re likely to meet. One of the original developers, Joe manages the software’s information processing functions and leads the mathematical, scientific, and research side of the team. He has developed a variety of data alignment, image processing, and computer vision algorithms, including NLign’s camera-based damage mapping tools. Joe demonstrated the power of NLign’s trending functions early in the development of the platform by identifying a porosity problem that could have saved a major aerospace company $2 million in production costs. His past experience includes work with the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), General Electric, Rockwell Automation, and other private sector companies.

Uriah Liggett

Uriah has been pushing the limits of computing technology since he was a teenager. He began writing his own software in middle school and later created an online web-based strategy game from his college dorm room. His more recent programming projects have included an online note system. As a member of the NLign team, he has played a key role in the development of filtering tools used to visualize data on 3D models. When he’s not building his own computers from scratch, Uriah can be found motorcycling, hunting, fishing, or shooting archery.

Brian Bahr

Brian is a member of NLign’s software development team. His contributions include the implementation of continuous integration features that enable improvements to quality control on an ongoing basis. In addition to his development work for NLign, Brian also helped establish the company’s charity program in partnership with People Working Cooperatively (PWC) of Ohio. A lifelong sports fan, he coaches basketball, baseball, and football for his son and daughter.

Robin Steyer

Robin began at Etegent as a co-op student through the University of Cincinnati and then became a full-time member of NLign’s software development team. She takes a deep interest in user experience and her most notable contributions include work on NLign’s user interface. Outside of work, Robin enjoys cooking and fine arts such as graphite drawing, watercolor painting, and ceramic sculpture.

Bob Ayers, PMP

Throughout Bob’s career he has been involved  in all aspects of the software development life cycle – from sales presentation, proposal preparation, requirements gathering, development, QA, installation, training, and ongoing support.  Bob has lead large million dollar projects customizing software and installation of commercial vehicle registration systems in states and provinces across the U.S. and Canada.  Bob has many years’ experience turning around troubled projects for universities, law firms, and payroll companies.  At Etegent Bob leads various projects and NLign releases, is involved in product planning, and maintains our automated testing application.