Here’s what current users are saying about the benefits of NLign™ software:

"This will significantly streamline our engineering process by eliminating many time-consuming tasks. Damage and repair details will be model-based now, and all this data will be saved in a 3-D environment as opposed to papers, files and PDFs. It will make us more efficient."

Chris Root, Advanced Aircraft Technology Team Lead
Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR)

"The culmination of the different data sets into one graphic image will literally give us layers of damages, inspections, and analysis to look at. You could see it all at one time and get a comprehensive understanding of what your repair might impact, or what the damage impacted and get a better, more complete repair."

Gabe Draguicevich, Engineering Technologist
NAVAIR Advanced Measurement Systems and Reverse Engineering Lab

Testimonials excerpted from “New Engineering Software Targets Composite Repair Process,” originally published by America’s Navy in the FRCSW Almanac, vol. 6, issue 1. Click here to read the full story.