The latest news about the NLign team’s charitable activities.

Christmas Presents for Needy Families

We purchased and wrapped Christmas presents for two (2) families of Norwood View Elementary.  These presents were purchased with money donotaed by the Etegent staff and matched dollar for dollar by Etegent.  Awesome Job!

Prepare Affair 2016

This year’s Prepare Affair was held on Nov. 12th 2016.  We raked leaves and cleaned gutters on several houses in Madisonville.

Christmas Presents for Local Needy

We purchased Christmas presents for six (6) children at Norwood View Elementary.  These presents were purchased with money donotaed by the Etegent staff and matched dollar for dollar by Etegent.  Great Job!

Prepare Affair 2015

The 2015 Prepare Event was held on November 14th.  We raked leaves and checked of several homes in the Deer Park.

2014 Prepare Affair

This year’s event was a huge success, and we owe much of that to you and your willingness to lead a crew of volunteers. Together, you formed a volunteer force of 2,500 people, and you collectively served nearly 900 homes. We gave out almost 9,000 leaf bags, and we ate 80 lbs. of chili at […]

NLign Analytics ongoing Support for Adopt-a-Family

Coordinated By: St. Vincent de Paul You can make a family’s Christmas wishes come true by adopting a family in need.  You will be given a Christmas wish list from a Cincinnati family in need. All year, our volunteers and staff serve people who can barely afford the basic necessities. For these families, providing […]

2013 Repair Affair

NLign participated in another successful Repair Affair – see note from People Working Collectively: I am finally sending you a much-deserved thank-you from all of us at PWC.  Because of your hard work, we served just over 1,000 homeowners with 3,000 volunteers.  This event started 25 years ago with 20+ volunteers and they served ~20 […]

Prepare Affair 2012

  On Saturday, November 10, 2012, Nlign participated in Prepare Affair in our local community.  Prepare Affair is run by People Working Cooperatively (PWC) and operates 365 days a year with over 140 professional staff persons providing critical home repairs, mobility modifications, maintenance services, and energy conservation and weatherization.  Come watch us clean gutters and […]

NLign Analytics Support Prepare Affair

Helping out a needy neighbors with some yard work. PWC Note: On behalf of everyone at People Working Cooperatively I just want to say thanks! This past weekend the majority of Prepare Affair crews worked and had some fun. The weather was beautiful and at the end of the day about 1,000 homeowners were cared […]

NLign Analytics Support Repair Affair

Repair Affair 2011 Coordinated By: People Working Cooperatively In total, there were 955 volunteers that put in over 4,000 hours of service!  Because of you, 120 homeowners received needed repairs, modifications and yard work.