Press Releases

The latest direct announcements from the NLign Analytics team.

UTC Aerospace Systems (UTAS) Purchases NLign Enterprise Installation for use with MRB Process

UTC Aerospace Systems (UTAS) has purchased an enterprise installation of the NLign Analytics Platform from Etegent Technologies.  The NLign platform will be used to improve UTAS’ Material Review Board (MRB) process on a variety of parts supplied to their aerospace clients including Airbus and Boeing. NLign’s ability to align inspection and repair data, in the form […]

NLign Receives 2016 Defense Manufacturing Technology Achievement Award

Company recognized for demonstrating a 33 percent reduction in Material Review Board labor hours for F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program CINCINNATI – December 21, 2016 – NLign Analytics, a division of Etegent Technologies, today announced that it has received the prestigious Defense Manufacturing Technology Achievement Award from the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). The award […]

NLign 6.8 Released

NLign 6.8 has been released with the following updates/new features: Camera Integration • Added a button to launch the PC’s camera from the Trendable Creation window. • While the Trendable Creation dialog is open, all photos captured with the PC’s camera application are automatically be attached to the trendable. • Attached photos are named according […]

Presentation on Effectively Using Digital Information and Tools to Revolutionize Maintenance and Sustainment

This presentation was given by the Air Force in March of 2016 and focuses on the need to improved software tools in the A/C Sustainment Maintenance (Mx) area. Among the tools advocated being used in the presentation is NLign because of its ability to represent the data in a visual form on the model, its […]

Presentation on Digital Thread for Material Review Board (DT4MRB) at AA&S Conference

This presentation regarding the Digital Thread for Material Review Board Processes aimed to link design and production data and analyses within integrated software tools to feed the MRB decision-making process was given at the 2016 AA&S conference at Grapevine, Texas in conjunction with the Air Force and Northrup Grumman.  This presentation highlighted NLign’s Photo Mapping […]

White Paper on Improving Damage and Repair Evaluation using Structural Data Visualization and Archival Techniques

Study on how the implementation of modern technologies were applied to the maintenance of the composite and metallic airframe components of the F/A-18 and E/A-18G Hornet, Super Hornet, and Growler platforms to increase engineering efficiency in an effort to maintain structural integrity of an aging fleet while minimizing excessive engineering workload and improving overall efficiency […]

NLign 6.7 Software Release

NLign 6.7 has been released with the following updates/new features: Models Improvements to FEM model handling in NLign.  These improvements provide more efficient storage of the FEM model and improved performance to the user. More efficient storage of repeated geometry in JT and CATIA models.  Portions of the model that are repeated, such as fasteners […]

NAVAIR describes their use of NLign at 2015 CAMX

NAVAIR presented their abstract titled “Improving Damage and Repair Evaluation Using Structural Data Visualization and Archival Techniques” at the 2015 CAMX Conference. The conference was held October 26-29, 2015 in Dallas, Texas.  The abstract detailed NAVAIR’s use of NLign to expedite repair dispositions while ensuring the integrity of the airframe.  In NAVAIR’s words NLign enhances […]

NLign 6.6.1 Software Release

NLign release that added: Models Ability to generate the wireframe based upon the model (only available for CATIA, IGES, JT, and STEP models). Ability to determine the level of tessellation and mesh detail for CATIA and JT models. Auto detection of unit of measure for CATIA, IGES, JT, and STEP models. Damage Mapping The ability […]

NLign 6.6.0 Software Release

NLign release that added: Damage Mapping Allowing mapping of images that do not contain camera information (use of these types of images requires the need of at least 6 points). Layers TabAbility to create multiple layers tabs. Ability to define what part of layers tree appear in each layers tab. Ability to name each layers […]