Weaving the Digital Thread

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The Digital Thread is a vision of data management that is inspiring leading organizations throughout the carbon composite industry. This emerging model forecasts a single, integrated stream of digital data that makes information from the entire life cycle available to all stakeholders.  Read about NLIGN’s 3D vision of the Digital Thread.

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Data Analytics and Composites  –
3D Process Analytics for Carbon Composite Manufacturing

Abstract: Composite manufactures are under increasing pressure to increase rates and reduce rework and scrap while at the same time meeting tightening requirements.  This is a challenging task; composite manufacturing is a complex multistep process impacted by many variables.  A possible solution to this problem lies in the myriad of data generated by these processes. Currently, integrating this enormous and diverse data into a global view of the process is very difficult. Typically each data set is analyzed in its own software package, limiting the ability to integrate the multiple data types and detect process trends.

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